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Blog from our physiotherapist Amber-Jayne Stirling
Paediatric Physiotherapy Newcastle

August 2018
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Paediatric Physiotherapy Newcastle Physiotherapist
Our Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice

We are a mobile paediatric physiotherapy practice, specialising in the physiotherapy treatment of infants, children and adolescents. We provide paediatric physiotherapy services for children living in the greater Newcastle, Lower Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens areas.
Unlike adults who have completed their growth period, children may have specific needs relating to their physical development which can benefit from the specialised approach a physiotherapist working in paediatrics can provide.

Children are not just little adults – they are built differently, move differently and think differently.  As a result, babies and children will benefit from seeing a physiotherapist who is trained and experienced in paediatrics.  Paediatric physiotherapists are experts in child development, particularly in relation to the development of movement.

A paediatric physiotherapist is committed to optimising a child’s movement. It is achieved by gaining the best muscle and joint function available in the growing body. This is achieved by providing thorough assessment and an individual treatment program to suit your child’s needs.

We collaborate with the child, the child’s family, other health professionals and teachers or educators as need be.

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